Day 3- Favorite book that you own


Hello again everyone! First, I want to start by telling you that God loves you and thinks you are amazing! Yes you are EXTREMELY AMAZING! Hmmm, Why Bible is my favorite book? I’ll tell you why, the Bible is my favorite book because it has gotten me through a lot of things and changed my life forever; it is one of my favorite resources to live my life on purpose. It has been a great blessing and tool in my life. It has helped me solve all of my problems.  Bible will help you a lot. The Bible is full of so many more practical principles that offer help and hope in every challenge we face. I cannot reckon how much the Bible has aided me in so many ways. Every piece written on it will stimulate you to greatness, purity, and love. This book will guide you beyond your ego and into the realm of spirit. All the information you need to live your life is found in the bible.  All you have to do is to believe. I recommend this book for you to read too.


Your comments and feedback are welcomed and appreciated! Hope you stay along for the journey! God Bless♀

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