Chocolaty Mango Float!

Are you craving for  dessert? Then why not try the delicious and mouth-watering, easy to prepare dessert the mango float! If you have a couple of  mangoes, graham crackers, condensed milk, sweetened creamer, and Hershey’s Syrup  you are ready for this. Chocolaty Mango Float is easy to make.
Cook Cooking Pot Smiley Emoticon Animation Animated gif
Ripe mangoes
All purpose cream
Graham Crackers and graham crushed
 Hershey’s Syrup
 *First, mix  all-purpose cream, Hershey’s syrup and condensed milk in a bowl. Make sure that you blend them well.
*Slice the mangoes into thin and small slices.
*Lay your graham crackers at the bottom of your rectangular container.
*Spread some of the blended cream  above the graham layered crackers.
*Put a layer of mango slices. Repeat the last steps up to the desired thickness.
*Add a final layer of a blended cream.
*Get you crushed graham crackers and put them on the top.
*When you’re done, put it in the freezer or refrigerator. Make sure it is cold when you served.
 We’re done! your chocolaty mango float- ENJOY!

Your comments and feedback are welcomed and appreciated! Hope you stay along for the journey! God Bless♀

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