Day 14 – Something you hate

I’m learning to be more private about my current life after a few backstabbing incidents in the past, I have become very selective about the information I share with others.  I am incredibly private, to the point where not even all my friends know all that much about me. Choosy na po ako kung sino yong pagkakatiwalaan ko talaga. I am more of the listener than a messenger or talker.I like to leave a trail of false breadcrumbs so that I don’t have to deal with people prying into my history. I’m not obligated to provide information to service their curiosity. I’m naturally very private and don’t welcome personal questions, or volunteer such information. I am the master of vague when it comes to things like that.

I guess I’m rather private not just because I fear of backstabbing or whatsoever; I’m simply not used to sharing personal matters. I won’t start talking freely about myself or  talk about someone else’s life, I need to be asked specific questions and even then if the person enquiring isn’t someone close,  I wouldn’t answer.


People often think I’m intentionally secretive, but a part of it is natural and instinctive. The other part is, I often don’t go into detail about anything personal because I’m not interested in anyone’s personal information. I don’t care, so I don’t ask. I assume no one cares, so I don’t divulge. In addition, I don’t like people to tell me about other people’s business, especially when it’s too personal. To sum it up, I hate gossip people and I don’t like people invading my privacy as well.

4 comments on “Day 14 – Something you hate

  1. I totally understand what you’re saying, even tho I haven’t gone through the backstabbing experience, but I did experience when people misunderstood me / misinterpreted what I said, which were not good experiences, especially when those who misunderstood / misinterpreted me were those I love & care dearly. I prayed about them and God has helped me to overcome these – I easily forget things, ha ha!! May be I’m getting old(er) – my Mom doesn’t agree. But hey who cares why, as long as I can overcome those unpleasant experiences, I am all good 😀

    • You are truly right! Basically, I don’t believe that everyone cares enough about the things you are dealing with so instead of telling it to ’em I pray and pray and talk to God alone…However, if a person really cares, I would talk.I’m pretty much an open book to people who I’ve trusted the most.

  2. Hi Angelia, Thanks for dropping by… Likewise here, I don’t hate the doer I hate the things they are doing. It just takes me a while to really trust people, and although I can give them glimpses into who I am, I never really reveal everything to anyone unless they gain my trust. I find no harm in sharing a fair amount of information – And also when somebody is entrusted me her secrets, I will keep that secret to death. That could be one of my personality I think.

Your comments and feedback are welcomed and appreciated! Hope you stay along for the journey! God Bless♀

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