Day 15 – Something White

White Crape Myrtle

Sparkling white brightest glow

Pulsating life as you grow


Bathe in shimmering light

Wind dancing playful sprite


Delicate petal flower’s kiss

Blanketed in morning’s mist


Soft gentle velvet touch

Forbid ever fall to a hands clutch


start putting on their spectacular show

Gathered upon the heavy drooping boughs


Each morning’s sunrise a day begins

Each night’s moonrise a day ends


To glimpse upon a million times

A description written in a million lines


In thought only one word I seek

Each time upon this White Crape Myrtle I peek

7 comments on “Day 15 – Something White

  1. Hi Nizy, thank you for sharing your heart thoughts in Poetry, it made me recall that all God’s creation speaks of His Love and His Love is eternal but it’s not just what we see with our eyes but what we see with our heart that reveals His Love, this is why those in darkness don’t understand, it is because they don’t see God is Love, they have not asked for His wisdom and believed they have received it or they would.

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne.

    • Thank you so much Ms Anne for commenting. You’re right! I see the beauty of God’s Love by the wonders of His creation. God uses the wonders of creation to demonstrate His power… Whenever I see the beauty of His creation I can’t help but praise and worship Him. How magnificent our God is. He is worthy to be praise. He is truly powerful and He is worthy of adoration. Unbelievers don’t see it, they are blind to see it. That is why I keep praying to God that somehow they will open their eyes to see how great God is. Much love to both of you! Let’s spread God’s love and share it to everyone.#Blessing


Your comments and feedback are welcomed and appreciated! Hope you stay along for the journey! God Bless♀

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