Day 19 – A pretty flowers (yes go take a picture of a flowers)

*Star Flowers*

Life is like a flower, looking pretty in different colors

Have you ever stopped and thought,

 how a flower is so like life?

In my garden, star flowers grow

 Straight and tiny in a row…

They’re looking pretty in their shining colors

With green leaves around it grows abound

Each one holds its empty cup

Drinking rain and sunshine up!

9 comments on “Day 19 – A pretty flowers (yes go take a picture of a flowers)

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  2. These are so beautiful! Are they in your garden? You have done such a great job nurturing these plants to such health. I love them so much. They are spectacular! You must have a green thumb. I have only had the opportunity to grow herbs but one of these days I am going to try flowers! This hard Texas soil makes it quite difficult to grow anything, at least down here where I live. My next growing journey is going to be turning some peach pits I have into a peach tree. I pray that it works!
    Much love my sister in Christ,

    • Hi Kimmy my sweet sister.. Thanked God for your warmth heart. Thanked God for giving me a sweet friend like you. Yes! these flowers grow in our backyard… I love plants. 😉 and I watered ’em everyday. Despite of the hard sun they grow beautifully healthy.


      • Wow! That is just amazing. You truly have a gift, actually, you have many gifts! One of them is gardening beautifully! I am so happy to hear you are doing well. I thank God for giving me such a wonderful friend and sister that is you! I am so blessed beyond imagination. Praise God for wonderful people like you!
        God Bless,

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