Will You Be There?

When she’s crying and you see tears running down her face,

Will you be there?

When she’s in her deepest fear,

Will you be there?

When she face her darkest hour,

Will you be there?

Will you help when she’s in trouble?

Will you watch as she weeps?

I have one other question…

When you have your head hanging down,

Will it be her that you seek?

When she’s down and nowhere to run,

Will you be there with open arms?

So please, try not to judge, you have no right to judge!

7 comments on “Will You Be There?

  1. Reblogged this on Kimberly McPherson's Blog and commented:
    I will be there just like you were there for me! Thank you Nizy from the bottom of my heart for calling and checking in on me, praying for me, texting me, thinking of me, and going above and beyond the call of duty of a friend. I LOVE you girl! Thank you so so much for allowing me to reblog this! You inspire me so much and are able to express things far better than I on so many topics. Thank you for letting me use your words to describe how I feel at times.
    I KNOW my heavenly Father is ALWAYS there for me. Thank you for believing that too! It means so much to know that one day we will share heaven together and that eases my heart.
    Thank you again for being there for me through this rough time.

    • Thank you so much Kim for re-blogging it. I really appreciate your friendship and I am thankful to God for allowing me to know you. I’m always here for you… though I’ve just known you in a short period of time but I feel it deep inside that we’re destined to meet. God is so good to me for giving me such a nice friend named Kimmy. I love you dear! I really do.

    • Thank you for our friendship
      For it means so much to me,
      Your compassion and understanding
      And loving ways you share so free.

      Thank you for being there for me
      When I needed someone that cared,
      And thank you for your prayers
      For the times together we shared.

      Thank you for our friendship
      For it’s something even money can’t buy,
      Thank you for holding me tightly
      When there was a need I had to cry.

      Thank you for always smiling
      When I couldn’t smile at all,
      And thank you for boosting my ego
      For the times I felt so small.

      Your friendship I cherish so deeply
      So this message to you I send,
      May God bless and always watch over you
      And may you always remain my friend.

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