Day 35 – Favorite movie that you own


“The Greatest Movie in History.”  I’ve watched this movie more than 5 or 8 times. Titanic is by far my favorite movie of all time.  I really love this movie because it proves to me one thing — that true love can last forever or in other words, true love conquers all. Everything about it is spectacular– especially the love story between Jack and Rose.  The acting performance of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet was incredibly fantastic, the love story was mesmerizing, and the music was like the icing on the cake. The history of the Titanic and all the survivors was interesting, sad, and thought-provoking. Many moments of this movie were heartbreaking. The characters were all unique in their specific roles and the emotional roller-coaster ride was one that I will never forget. AMAZING! is the best word  to describe this movie.





How about you, what is your favorite movie that you own?




16 comments on “Day 35 – Favorite movie that you own

    • Hello Mack, the 3D is great. I also hide mine. LoL I’m so addicted to Titanic it’s unhealthy ! hahaha and I get waaaay too emotional when it comes to titanic like just hearing that damn dream scene song I’ll start crying.

      • I have to agree. It really is classic movie of all time. No matter what we do, it is always going to be a part us I think. 🙂

      • yes you’re right Mack, With no doubt this movie is the masterpiece of all masterpiece movies. The music made by James Horner I think is the best soundtrack ever made for a movie. Haayyyzzz…. I fell in love with Jack and the story over and over again. 🙂

      • 🙂 This movie showed what TRUE LOVE really is and Jack played the biggest role in showing that by giving his life for Rose. It’s a masterpiece!

  1. Top four movies:
    1. “La Vide E Bella”
    (Life Is Beautiful)

    2. “Bella”

    3. “Roman Holiday”

    4. “You’ve Got Mail”

  2. Top 5 Movies
    I can watch over and over:

    1.”Roman Holiday”
    2. “La Vida E Bella”
    (Life Is Beautiful)
    3. “Bella”
    4.”You’ve Got Mail”
    5. “Father Of The Bride”

  3. My most favorite movie is The Princess Bride. It is the perfect mixture of true love, action and adventure and funny too. It is sweet and it shows that even death cannot stop true love.

    My second favorite movie is Ella Enchanted. It goes to show that doing what your told is not exactly the best choice in life. You’ve got to be your own person to be happy. Poor Ella doesn’t get that luxury though. As a baby her fairy godmother gives her the gift of obedience. Ella has to do everything she is told to do. after he mother passes away her father remarries and she gains 2 step sisters. They know nothing of her gift and order her around. They make her do things that ge her into lots of trouble. Ella decides it’s time to find her fairy godmother and ask her to take her gift back. She makes several friends on her journey, one of which happens to be the prince. To make a longer story short in the end Ella learns how to break her gift and to decide things for herself before she ends up hurting someone she cares about. She just had to find it in herself to want to make her own choice.

    • Hi CatKay, Thanks for stepping by. I hope and wish I could watch ”The Princess Bride and Ella Enchanted” haven’t seen one of ’em. I bet they are a good movie to watch. #Blessing

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