Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban




ur·ban /ˈərbən/


  • In, relating to, or characteristic of a city or town.
  • An urban area is characterized by higher population density and vast human features in comparison to areas surrounding it.

My entry for this week challenge is…

My hometown. The land of promise and the land of the brave. The City of Davao or in Filipino  ”Lungsod ng Dabaw”  is the most peaceful, safest and cleanest city in the Philippines. Davao is 3 times larger than Metro Manila and 7 times larger than Cebu. With over 240,000 hectares of land area, Davao City is the largest city in the Philippines in terms of acreage.

Davao City, Philippines

Davao City  is  known for a lot of things. It is the Orchid Capital of the Philippines, the Fruit Basket of the Philippines and the City in Bloom.  The Philippine Eagle also known as Monkey-Eating Eagle is  found in this city. Davao is the home of a lot of gardens, plantations and a wide variety of flowers. The most famous flower found in abundance in the city is Waling-waling or Vanda Sanderana, a type of orchid.

Davao City has plenty of amazing beaches and mountain resorts, and is close to diving spots and the highest peak in the Philippines, Mt. Apo. It was awarded by the Department of Tourism as the “Most Livable City” in the Philippines in 2008. This city is a typhoon free and is also known as a Durian City of the Philippines. If you missed my previous post about Durian fruit click  here.

The other reasons why people like to choose Davao as a good place to live or visit  is because of the quality of life that we have here. The city is extremely urbanized and yet satisfyingly simple in lifestyle, so it retains the best of both worlds. Davaoeño, a dialectal variant of Cebuano, is the major spoken language in the city, while the Tagalog itself comes a distant second. English is the medium of instruction in schools and is widely understood and spoken especially in the field of business and for all official documents. Bistaglish, an informal mixing of the above languages, is spoken as well. My hometown was, and remains a peaceful and beautiful town and I am proud to say ” Davaoeña ko bai.

24 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

    • Hi Imelda, yes I am also proud of my hometown. Davao City is an extraordinary city. The leaders has really the political will of making its operation in smooth, nature friendly and crime rate free if possible so as to make tourists, be it local or foreign safe as the saunter anywhere in its jurisdictions. For me, nothing compares to this city. Davao is the most fantastic city that I’ve ever been to. I can define Davao as the city of Paradise. You’ve got it all when you’re in this city. No more, no less!

    • Wow! Thank you so much Mack, Looking forward to going back to this place and maybe meeting you there someday and be your tour guide. Chos! hehehe Thanks for the award Mack. I am constantly grateful and amazed that you read the things I posted on my blog and find it ”Very Inspiring”, so to be in anyone’s thoughts and awarded anything at all is indeed an honor. Thank you so so very much again for nominating me and congratulations for your award. Well deserved. You did an excellent job!

  1. Hi NIZY!

    What a great description of your hometown great. W O N D ER F U L L !

    Bye, bye from Germany – lichtbildwerfer

    • Hi lichtbildwerfer, Yes I am proud to be from Davao City! it’s the most amazing city in the Philippines and still a young city with a massive potential of becoming an economic power in the country.

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    • Yes! Samal is my favorite place to unwind. And Davao is the best city in the Philippines. No doubt about it. I hope you can make your dream come true.

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  7. Thank you Nizy for sharing, you painted a beautiful word picture of your hometown a special place to live for sure. I remember a place I lived as a Child with much fondness, our backyard went right down to the river and as I use to walk along the edge daydreaming, I would often meet people who also had their home above, I live very far from there now but not in my memory.

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne

    • Hi Anne, Thank you so much for stopping by…. Yes I really love my hometown…. and it’s really beautiful like yours. I wish I could go back from the past and enjoy those memories.

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