Day 43 – The weather outside

T’was breezy, cloudy and cool outside. I feel blessed and thankful to see this wonderful day.

5 comments on “Day 43 – The weather outside

    • Been praying for rain yesterday I keep singing ‘’Rain… rain… come my way…. I need you here please come and stay oh well not too long anyway but stay to water my plants today… ♪…♫…♪!’’ Because of my obsession of rain, I can’t believe I made my own lyrics. I might not be a good singer because when I took the picture this afternoon, it was cloudy with a hint of rain to it but the rain hasn’t fallen. So I need to step outside to water the plants. #SoFunny 🙂

  1. wow…lots of different types of clouds at once! where i’m at right now we have huge fluffy whitish / grayish thunder heads.

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