Day 47 – A picture of chore you dislike doing the most






I HATE LAUNDRY! I would rather do any other chore in my house, but laundry? It never ends! Even when it’s done it isn’t done.  Doing laundry sucks but I decided a long time ago that I’d rather have clean clothes than not doing them at all. Apparently, another reason why I hate doing laundry is because I hate to fold my clothes. It’s really time consuming.



9 comments on “Day 47 – A picture of chore you dislike doing the most

  1. so funny! My daughter and I were just talking today about how we complain about doing laundry, when all we have to do is walk downstairs, put the clothes in the washer, and walk back upstairs. The hardest part is folding it once it’s out of the dryer. Comparatively to what they did back when there wasn’t electricity? Boy…have we got it made!! Yikes…if I had to scrub my knuckles raw on a washboard, I’m afraid we’d be searching for leaves to sew…!! 🙂 HA!

  2. I’ll rather wash clothes over dishes any day … One chore I absolutely hated growing up and has still carried over to my adulthood. So glad the dishwasher was invented. Thanks for sharing your photos. Can’t wait to see the photos of next picture challenge.

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