Day 54 – A picture of your hair all done

It may sound crazy but I cut my own hair at home to save money.  Cutting your bangs isn’t as simple as you think, Huh! Thanks to my super kaduper strength and confidence. Lmao! I hope I made it right.  Does it look good? Lemme know….

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21 comments on “Day 54 – A picture of your hair all done

  1. You look great! Your hair is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing this. I have been cutting my own hair for over 18 years. Guess who cuts my three kids and husband’s hair? 😉

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  2. Your hair looks great! You would look great no matter what though, I think 🙂
    I just cut off about 8″ of dreadlocks! It’s head feels like it’s floating. My neck can finally is very great! I am elated, and I got to comb out at least 4 inches of them so that my hair goes down to my shoulders, rather than being totally shaved..which is nice. Good for you on the bangs, it is so good. I had one haircut that I hated in 7th grade, and since then I never trusted a professional! 🙂

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