Day 59 – Your most used electronic device


I have three that I use almost every single day. First is my computer, second is cellphone and third is my camera. I’m pretty much sure I use them equally. Why I used them most? Let’s find out why…


  • COMPUTER: It is hard to imagine my world without computer. As a result of new technologies, our modern society was introduced to different ways of communication through the computers. Some of these ways include the Email, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Twitter, Facebook etc… By computer, communication is easy and fast and for that I can easily converse to my family back home and some other friends around the world.


  • CELLPHONE: Cell phones have become more of a necessity these days and not a luxury it used to be. I don’t care what type of cellphone I have as long as I can txt and call. That’s enough! The way we breathe & eat in life to live, the same way mobiles or cell phones play an important role in each one’s life as it helps one to make contact with the other whenever required or needed, it is a necessity of life.


  • CAMERA: the camera is so important to me because it helps you keep memories from the past. Photography has always been a hobby of mine. Looking through old picture is probably one of the most interesting things you can do. Apart from photos that remember you of something, I also love how a picture really CAN tell a thousand words. That’s the reason why I always bring my camera wherever I go.

How about you?

What is your most used electronic device?


Capture the World

Asian King Buffet

My December 29, 2012 is filled with hope, happiness and love. So I decided to celebrate it in here. I am ready to face 2013 with joy in my heart and leave all the worries of 2012 behind. And wow, it’s their GRAND OPENING! How’s that?


To proceed, here’s the food/drink I consumed tonight. Let’s start with my forever favorite ICE TEA and WATER!

Followed by my new favorite Asian Dish ”SUSHI”

Their Egg drop soup was extremely delicious. Two thumbs up!DSCN0493

Last but definitely not the least the FRUITS! It was plainly juicy and yummm.

DSCN0501DSCN0504I’m pretty sure I won’t have to eat for another three to five days because of all the food I’ve just consumed. Super yummm! It’s delish and saves a lot of money trust me on that one. 😉

DSCN0505 Before I head off to dreamland, can anyone explain my fortune cookie? ”Have faith…

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Day 58 – Everything inside your purse/bag


What’s In My Bag?


Well, these are just some of my everyday essentials. I can’t usually go out of the house without these things.

Writer's edge pen, Fisher space pen.

Writer’s edge pen, Fisher space pen.

Address book

Address book

Bible, self-help books

Bible, self-help books

Wallet, Passport

Wallet, Passport

Watch, Eye glasses

Watch, Eye glasses

Hand Sanitizer Wipes

Hand Sanitizer Wipes

Hand Cream, Hair Gloss

Hand Cream , Hair Gloss Shine Serum


Kikay Kit

Handycam (To capture every moment.)

Handycam (To capture every moment.)



So, this is what I carry around every time I go out. The only things missing are the Digital Camera I took this with, my med box ( I put them in the cabinet) and phone (I left it on my coffee table along with my laptop). I also missed the car keys and house keys; I hang them on the wall. Man! Am I carrying some rubbish stuff? Lemme know!  Have a nice day 🙂



Day 57 – Post a picture of you making a funny faces.


OK, for the sake of this CHALLENGE! Here are some pictures of me making goofy faces…big grin


Me being silly, funny and goofy isn’t immaturity, It’s the way I express myself. I know when & how to stop at serious moments. I’m glad it didn’t turn out as horrible as I thought it would. 😀cheer

I hope everyone is having a good day.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

Suprise Christmas Presents











These are some of the gifts I received this Christmas. I can truly say that I am blessed this CHRISTMAS not with the material things that I have received but with the LOVE of my FAMILY and Friends. PRICELESS!





My delicate plants stood  strong and defiant in the midst of the winter!

 I dig a  little holes

and plant a tiny  bulbs

Cover it with soil, pull the weeds

and spray the bugs.


Down comes the rain,

and out comes the sun,

Up grows my plant,

Oh! What fun!


In my backyard my tulips grow

Straight and fine in a row.

I love it when it’s mizzly

and just a little drizzly



Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

We too, as the trees, should stand strong amidst change

As through seasons we travel and with others we share

We say, On earth nothing lasts forever,

Circumstances change, people change and things go wrong,

Hold on to your faith and life goes on.



Day 56 – A drawing of your favorite cartoon character


Theme: Letting Go!

Sailor Moon: Photo Credit to the Owner

Sailor Moon: Photo Credit to the Owner

Don’t be bitter and full of hatred when the one you love doesn’t love you the way you love him. Ask, listen and let go. Don’t force yourself to understand when you can’t, to fight hard when obviously it’s over and to play deaf to the nagging truth that what you’ve had doesn’t work and won’t work anymore. Sometimes saying ‘Goodbye’ is just like saying ‘Lets stop hurting each other.’ Goodbyes make you think. They make you realize what you’ve had, what you’ve lost and what you’ve taken for granted. They make you realize that sometimes, there are no next times, no time outs and no second chances.

When something is over, don’t always think that it can start again. When it’s broken, you can’t always put back all the pieces. Life is not the way you want it to be, when you know that someone is hurting you so much, enough, just stop! It hurts a lot, YES, but you must learn to let go. Don’t’ push yourself too hard, just remember that in every ending, there’s such a thing that we call…  THE NEW BEGINNING.

It is a lie to say you have let go of the past. Nobody let go of memories. Each tear is an unforgettable memory. Each smile is an undeniable mark. Each heartbeat is an in-erasable soar because really, there is no such thing as forgetting only  moving on, accepting and changing. 

Often, we say goodbye to the person we love without wanting to, though that doesn’t mean that we’ve stopped loving them  or we’ve stopped to care, you just gotta hold your head, smile, and walk away because sometimes goodbye is a painful way to say I LOVE YOU




Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections;h=60

LOVEThe path of the heart is free and full of beauty. 

Follow your heart because your heart will know the love that is meant for you.

And If a day goes by without me saying I love you – never let a moment go by without knowing that I do.

Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get, it’s what you are expected to give – which is everything.

My love shines like a sun, sometimes visible and sometimes invisible but it is always HERE.

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