Day 58 – Everything inside your purse/bag


What’s In My Bag?


Well, these are just some of my everyday essentials. I can’t usually go out of the house without these things.

Writer's edge pen, Fisher space pen.

Writer’s edge pen, Fisher space pen.

Address book

Address book

Bible, self-help books

Bible, self-help books

Wallet, Passport

Wallet, Passport

Watch, Eye glasses

Watch, Eye glasses

Hand Sanitizer Wipes

Hand Sanitizer Wipes

Hand Cream, Hair Gloss

Hand Cream , Hair Gloss Shine Serum


Kikay Kit

Handycam (To capture every moment.)

Handycam (To capture every moment.)



So, this is what I carry around every time I go out. The only things missing are the Digital Camera I took this with, my med box ( I put them in the cabinet) and phone (I left it on my coffee table along with my laptop). I also missed the car keys and house keys; I hang them on the wall. Man! Am I carrying some rubbish stuff? Lemme know!  Have a nice day 🙂



6 comments on “Day 58 – Everything inside your purse/bag

  1. Cool stuff… And organized! I agree with above
    Comment, with so much identity theft, passports are kept hidden well …and be careful with your I’d information you posted, you might want to cover up your personal information? Love that you carry your bible around I do too. Happy new year, peace in Christ, L

  2. While you are reading this message and waiting for the New Year , from my heart receives a wish , meet it with joy . Let your life is filled with happiness and dreams come true , let you a Happy New Year

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