With Him all things are Possible!

I’ve been clawing my way through an extremely difficult transition period for several years now. Every identity I had either slipped away or was stripped away (horrific heart aches, mother died, my family’s never been intact, friends left, etc. etc.) All pretty normal ‘’stuff’’ but the cumulative effect left me quaking. I’d read a bunch of self-help books. Done journal and so on but there were just some very destructive patterns that I wasn’t able to unchain.

Then something shifted. I meditate morning and evening, getting to know God, read His Word. Ever since often a few more times during the day while I do my daily routine. His soft voice calms my mind while His Word calms my body. I am making quantum leaps forward in the dislodgement of my ‘’old pattern’’ thinking. Chaos precedes creation. I have transformed myself from a ‘’glass is half empty’’ person to a ‘’glass is half full’’ person. I’m sure that my future, even though hard times will still come about, will be bright and happy in ways I cannot imagine now!



9 comments on “With Him all things are Possible!

  1. It’s been a while Nice! And yes, with Him all things are possible. I just saw your message on our GIG post and makaiyak man pod ta nimo dai oi! I’m so happy knowing that GIG has helped you in a way. Things like this do inspire me to do more and help make a difference to our blogging experience! Keep shining and inspiring! A ray of light from you is truly a blessing. 🙂 xx love ya! xx Dai Donah 😉

    • Aw thank you so much dai for stepping by on my place. Yep! Sa una wala man ko hilig makeups. Lels na-inspire ko sa atong fellow gigers…. So I whisper myself why not try? Atleast maka-gain ta confidence lalo na nga nagka-edaran nata. hehehe xoxo back. And loveya! -NIZY

Your comments and feedback are welcomed and appreciated! Hope you stay along for the journey! God Bless♀

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