Pretty Nizy

I’ve tried so many, many masks over the years but this is, by far, the BEST. I got myself this calming facial mask, just to give it a try. From the moment you put Sudden Change, you know its working. It does what it says, firms nicely and leaves skin feeling smooth. Then, the cooling sensation instantly relaxes skin the way a fine spa facial would. The scent is also quite good since it has a green tea fragrance. It goes on cool and calms down acne burst ups. It tights my face up and makes my skin feels firm and refreshed.  It leaves skin feeling amazing!

This mask provides 100% Green Tea antioxidant absorption which protects the skin against skin aging by gently detoxifying, exfoliating, rejuvenating, and nourishing the skin, thus bringing out the skin’s white, flawless, and sheer radiance, which I love the most.

Purchased on a…

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