“Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies.” – Aristotle

‘’ UNENDING LOVE’’ I dedicate this to my virtual true friends here.  I have a few true friends in my life that without them my life would change completely. Not a day goes by in which I do not talk to them. They can sense when I am feeling down or when something amazing happened.  If someone was mad at me about something, my friends would stick by my side and defend me. They are important in my life because when I feel down they are the only ones I feel like talking with.  It is easier for me to talk to them about my problems because they lend their ears and non-judgmental heart to listen.

They are so precious to me. They always there for me when road gets rough. When I feel like no one cares for me, they buzz me instantly, they already know when I am feeling this and will do everything in his or her power to make me feel better. They understand what I am saying even if it does not make any sense.

All my friends are different ages. Some of them are 40+young, and they are my role models. When I see them, I sometimes learn new and different things from them.  I call them mentor, teacher, life-coach and I even call them gems.  All my friends have a different meaning to me because they all have a special quality in them that makes them my friend.  Every one of my friends is different. Some are smart, some are funny and they are all my friends because they believe in me and they love me so dearly.

My true friends make me feel that I am special. I thank God for having y’all in my life.


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