The time is near – Revelation 22:10

UIWe need to make a CHANGE. We need to love more fiercely, ourselves and others. We need to capitalize on our innate beauty and heroism on a daily basis. We need to teach our children to love God! Let them see you seek after Him, Pray to Him, Praise and Worship Him! Talk with them about blessings of the family and how God has delivered you and provided for you! If you don’t, the world will sensationalize unrighteousness living in a way that makes it appealing. Drawing their souls away from God! We need to show them how to find love on sidewalks and in our eyes even in our darkest moments. We need to fill ourselves with a nontoxic pride, littered with humility. We need to shine light on our mistakes and our flaws. We need to value our happiness more and store not for ourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, or worry less about quickening our gadgets and more about slowing down our lives. Instead, prepare ourselves for the second coming of our living King. We need to open our mouths not to speak but to taste the poison we have released we need to understand how far we have to go, otherwise we will go nowhere at all or our souls will reside to hell forever.

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