My wheels just keep on turning…

dssHello everybody, have you guys missed me? Anyhow, I reopened NLC today to do some cathartic writing. Yep! Without further ado, You do not know where the wheels of life would take you. Life never stops changing. Sometimes it’s up, sometimes it’s down. The key is just to keep going with it. Ya know, life would not be what it is without struggles. It is something I am extremely familiar with. I have seen it firsthand in others around me, my family, and in myself. The way we as people go about it shows what kind of person you are. My personal struggles have guided me on the path of what kind of person I am today.

So to speak, ”I will continue to reach for my goals, work hard and stay focused and be positive with my outlook in life. But how can it be plausible when mean people do exists along the way while you’re working too hard to make your life worthwhile on earth?  Truly, the enemy don’t know how to sleep. He will always make ways for you to become clumsy in life.

REJECTION, HUMILIATION from other people has been my weakness and has been a part of my life since then. At first, I allowed myself to be comfortable with the fact that I am really trashy compared to ’em. But I slowly grasped each concept and tried my hardest to ignore ’em. I Simply put it to self, that every one is different. We all have unique gifts and talents. We cannot treat everyone the same, we cannot compare ourselves to others. And of course, with a lot of self-reflection, I realized life does not throw you anything you cannot handle. I decided if I kept a good attitude, if I stayed positive, and continued to smile every single day something good would happen to me and things would turn around. I knew there would be a day when this would all make sense.

At least through rejection and humiliation, I have learned  that it is far more important to not lose focus on the positive side of everything whether it’d be good or bad. Learn to see the positive of it. Whatever situation is  thrown at me, I won’t settle for the bare minimum, I will always be looking for different ways to excel in everything. And I, myself is working so hard to live through  into this category.



Unwritten Thoughts

“Philippines can be the richest country in the world, due to its vast deuterium and oil fields including its mineral resources”

Para sa kaalaman ng karamihan at para malaman niyo na rin ang dahilan kung bakit nanggigil ang Tsina at iba pang bansang pilit na gumagawa ng paraan na panghimasukan ang interes, ekononomiya at teritoryo ng ating bansa. Dagdag pa ang mga pulitikong may mga personal na interes kaya nangungunyapit sa kapangyarihan at halos lahat ay gustong maging pangulo ng Pilipinas.

Wag po nating hayaang mapasakamay ng mga walang malasakit ang pamumuno sa ating bansa, kailangan natin ang mga mamumunong may labis na pagmamahal sa bayan…

Sana’y maging daan ito upang mamulat, magising at magkaisa ang liping Pilipino, nasa atin po ang solusyon para sa ikauunlad, ikakaginhawa nating lahat…


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My heart is aching for this, badly!

Every night,
I wished upon a star;
wishing to become a billionaire
to shelter the street children!


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The sign says…

1186925_579369285443252_262139336_nThe world is beautiful. You can see so much in it; the sun illuminates even the darkest corners of the world and will show you how wonderful life is, more than you could ever imagine. Saddest thing is, the site of the deadly poisonous oaks and the deadly venomous snakes wearing a beautiful smile with the most slaughterous tongue, just be fully aware of them. They are everywhere.


The time is near – Revelation 22:10

UIWe need to make a CHANGE. We need to love more fiercely, ourselves and others. We need to capitalize on our innate beauty and heroism on a daily basis. We need to teach our children to love God! Let them see you seek after Him, Pray to Him, Praise and Worship Him! Talk with them about blessings of the family and how God has delivered you and provided for you! If you don’t, the world will sensationalize unrighteousness living in a way that makes it appealing. Drawing their souls away from God! We need to show them how to find love on sidewalks and in our eyes even in our darkest moments. We need to fill ourselves with a nontoxic pride, littered with humility. We need to shine light on our mistakes and our flaws. We need to value our happiness more and store not for ourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, or worry less about quickening our gadgets and more about slowing down our lives. Instead, prepare ourselves for the second coming of our living King. We need to open our mouths not to speak but to taste the poison we have released we need to understand how far we have to go, otherwise we will go nowhere at all or our souls will reside to hell forever.


youYou know life is worth the struggle when you look back on what you’ve lost and realize what you have now is way better than before. Nothing worth having is ever easy. All the best things in life are the result of pain. And that’s what makes it all worth it in the end.

youPeople fail to see that before because all I did was to put others happiness first before my very own. I always think about myself last.

you…and the DEVIL will always find a way to sneak in your life. 

youYes Lord, fallen in love with YOU is the best thing I have ever done.

youI wanna walk like You. I wanna talk like You. I wanna love like You. Just like You. Help me to live just like You Father.

Hi sweethearts, what are your personal favorite quotes? I would love to read yours in the comment section below. Glorious day to y’all.


The Dry Brush and the Tree

Amen to this: ”All that remains for us to do is to accept his word and surrender all to him. The benefits of surrender far out-weigh the trials and tribulations we must face. Take this time, right now to make up in your mind to once again, lay it all before the Lord and surrender everything to his keeping and you too will flourish like the tree that is planted by the water.”


Everyday I Need You!

nackyThe thing that I’m most afraid of is me, of not knowing what I’m going to do, of not knowing what I’m doing right now. I’m just a young woman in a crowd of so many. My heart yearns for your love, I am nothing without you. I badly need your guidance! 

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves


I’ve been through a lot of curves in life. I dealt with fear, with regret, with loathing and shame, and hate… I can bend with anything but not LOVE! For, LOVE is the sun, burning down on me and I have spent too long in the cold, dark cave of loneliness.

I am passionate about LOVE. I understand the reality of God’s gift which is to love and be loved but then again some people left me  broken. So, I trust in His spiritual gifts in my life. I trust solely in His divine power.

And I also admit that I am FRAIL. Often, I am terribly frail. I am undeniably honest to that reality and in that honesty, I find it easier to embrace God’s promise of rest. God’s grace is sufficient for me; His power is made perfect in my weakness. Thence, I will vaunt gladly about my frailties, so that God’s power may rest in me.

In my creator’s arms…I can bloom like the most beautiful flower! In His garden I shepherded souls.

Everybody has skeletons in their closet, these are mine.

What’s yours?

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says ” Friendship”


Ate Gemma, even though we are miles apart
It’s like your still here next to me.
Because I keep you in my heart.
When you feel down just buzz me on Skype.
We been doing this for so long to keep our friendship tight.
No one can ever take your place.
You comfort me when I need someone to cry on.
You have made me laugh when I had a frown on my face.
You supported me of my goofy days.
We are sisters, cousins and friends.
I love you my big sis until the end.
I could not imagine my life without you
You’re one of my rock.
I can’t wait to see you when we go home all new
I hope to live with you and share our vanities together.
Ate Gi, remember I love you my sister forever.
And I will be here till the end.
So just buzz me on fb,
When you need a friend.