Day 53 – A picture of you listening to music

Listening to ”Heaven is for Real

There is nothing in my life that makes me happier than playing or making my own music and becoming one with the soul and emotion I am portraying, for I am the music, and it is me. Music to me crosses all borders and reaches in where sometimes people cannot. It seems to be the container of memory, a song puts me in a place, and there are many places I don’t mind returning to.

Listening to music is the most spiritual, most emotion-filled thing in the world. There is nothing more relaxing and enlightening than listening or playing music and the raw emotion it portrays is beautiful.  It can portray the greatest of sadness and the most wonderful happiness at the same time, depending on who is listening to it.

Music to me is a food to my ears.  It usually transports me to my past but sometimes to that imaginary place where I would like to be. I really love MUSIC because when I listen to a melody, I feel good or something different especially when I can relate into it. My body resonates impelling me to express joy by swaying or singing or even by thinking both of which stem from the added good energy. It really brings me great happiness and serenity, and I love everything about it. Music is my medicine, music is my life!