Day 15 – Something White

White Crape Myrtle

Sparkling white brightest glow

Pulsating life as you grow


Bathe in shimmering light

Wind dancing playful sprite


Delicate petal flower’s kiss

Blanketed in morning’s mist


Soft gentle velvet touch

Forbid ever fall to a hands clutch


start putting on their spectacular show

Gathered upon the heavy drooping boughs


Each morning’s sunrise a day begins

Each night’s moonrise a day ends


To glimpse upon a million times

A description written in a million lines


In thought only one word I seek

Each time upon this White Crape Myrtle I peek

”Lonely Rose In The Darkness”

A lonely rose cultivated in the darkest corner of the garden

Surrounded by many other flowers

Yet the lonely rose remained alone

Time passed and trials came and went

One dealt a severe blow

And the rose began to wilt and wither


Forgotten…then… as if by a miracle


There came a soft and placid breeze

Followed by a ray of light

As all the other roses fell into darkness

The lonely rose began to shine


Shining with a special light…

And watered by a gentle cascade…

A cascade of love

A cascade of selfless affection


‘I do… not now but forever…’

Said the rose to the sunlight

And there they remain

A rose in full bloom

With her sunshine smiling down on her…


You are my sunshine, my life, my very soul

And I your rose am blooming in the light of your love.