Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says ” Friendship”


Ate Gemma, even though we are miles apart
It’s like your still here next to me.
Because I keep you in my heart.
When you feel down just buzz me on Skype.
We been doing this for so long to keep our friendship tight.
No one can ever take your place.
You comfort me when I need someone to cry on.
You have made me laugh when I had a frown on my face.
You supported me of my goofy days.
We are sisters, cousins and friends.
I love you my big sis until the end.
I could not imagine my life without you
You’re one of my rock.
I can’t wait to see you when we go home all new
I hope to live with you and share our vanities together.
Ate Gi, remember I love you my sister forever.
And I will be here till the end.
So just buzz me on fb,
When you need a friend.

Letter to my brother in Christ

Dear Kuya,Image

10th of May 2013, It was raining that morning. I sat at the kitchen table with a cuppa, find you on fb and there I met you. I’m staring blankly at the headlines of a paper, remembering the dream start to fill the line though they did not make the leap into my mind; only one thought held dominion there. Oh what an angel sent to me from somewhere up above heaven or what have you our friendship was perfect. One thing is certain, I knew you were sent from heaven.

Until 23rd Wednesday of May we grew apart… it seems things are never as perfect as they might appear at the start… I keep you friend tucked soundly in my mind, buried deep inside where only I can hear them. Somewhere in the future I’ll see you then.

P.S: I write about you, because that’s what my heart wishes for.


“Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies.” – Aristotle

‘’ UNENDING LOVE’’ I dedicate this to my virtual true friends here.  I have a few true friends in my life that without them my life would change completely. Not a day goes by in which I do not talk to them. They can sense when I am feeling down or when something amazing happened.  If someone was mad at me about something, my friends would stick by my side and defend me. They are important in my life because when I feel down they are the only ones I feel like talking with.  It is easier for me to talk to them about my problems because they lend their ears and non-judgmental heart to listen.

They are so precious to me. They always there for me when road gets rough. When I feel like no one cares for me, they buzz me instantly, they already know when I am feeling this and will do everything in his or her power to make me feel better. They understand what I am saying even if it does not make any sense.

All my friends are different ages. Some of them are 40+young, and they are my role models. When I see them, I sometimes learn new and different things from them.  I call them mentor, teacher, life-coach and I even call them gems.  All my friends have a different meaning to me because they all have a special quality in them that makes them my friend.  Every one of my friends is different. Some are smart, some are funny and they are all my friends because they believe in me and they love me so dearly.

My true friends make me feel that I am special. I thank God for having y’all in my life.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

”Near and Far”

Three happy carefree hearts

Enjoying the lives we created

Becoming best friends with you

Has me truly delighted


Across this great land

No need to search near and far

No longer an acquaintance

You guys are more than sapphire


My pretty girls in California and Japan

Like fence, quickly our friendship was built

Filled with admiration and fun

Enduring forever, no chance to wilt

I Thank God For Our Friendship

Thank you for our friendship
For it means so much to me,
Your compassion and understanding
And loving ways you share so free.

Thank you for being there for me
When I needed someone that cared,
And thank you for your prayers
For the times together we shared.

Thank you for our friendship
For it’s something even money can’t buy,
Thank you for holding me tightly
When there was a need I had to cry.

Thank you for always smiling
When I couldn’t smile at all,
And thank you for boosting my ego
For the times I felt so small.

I thank God for our friendship
So this message to you I send,
May God bless and always watch over you
And may you always remain my friend.

FRIENDSHIP, whether it is between people, lovers, former lovers, siblings, people and animals or other, is the most outstandingly valuable relationship we possess. To know that there is another on this earth who loves us so much, that they willingly put themselves in second place in a loving gesture to make sure that we are blissful, is a gift which is incomparable. This diminutive poem is for my friend Kimmy, who has been my sister in Christ  for what seems like an entire lifetime. Our friendship  is amazingly special and tremendously unique, why? because from the very first time I’ve known her I feel the guiding spirit between us. I just hope and pray… and I declare by the Holy Blood of Jesus Christ that we’ll continue our friendship in heaven. I am always here for you sweetie and I will always treasure you forever!

P.S:  I can’t sleep so I made this poem for Kimmy.

video: credit to the owner

Will You Be There?

When she’s crying and you see tears running down her face,

Will you be there?

When she’s in her deepest fear,

Will you be there?

When she face her darkest hour,

Will you be there?

Will you help when she’s in trouble?

Will you watch as she weeps?

I have one other question…

When you have your head hanging down,

Will it be her that you seek?

When she’s down and nowhere to run,

Will you be there with open arms?

So please, try not to judge, you have no right to judge!

Day 14 – Something you hate

I’m learning to be more private about my current life after a few backstabbing incidents in the past, I have become very selective about the information I share with others.  I am incredibly private, to the point where not even all my friends know all that much about me. Choosy na po ako kung sino yong pagkakatiwalaan ko talaga. I am more of the listener than a messenger or talker.I like to leave a trail of false breadcrumbs so that I don’t have to deal with people prying into my history. I’m not obligated to provide information to service their curiosity. I’m naturally very private and don’t welcome personal questions, or volunteer such information. I am the master of vague when it comes to things like that.

I guess I’m rather private not just because I fear of backstabbing or whatsoever; I’m simply not used to sharing personal matters. I won’t start talking freely about myself or  talk about someone else’s life, I need to be asked specific questions and even then if the person enquiring isn’t someone close,  I wouldn’t answer.


People often think I’m intentionally secretive, but a part of it is natural and instinctive. The other part is, I often don’t go into detail about anything personal because I’m not interested in anyone’s personal information. I don’t care, so I don’t ask. I assume no one cares, so I don’t divulge. In addition, I don’t like people to tell me about other people’s business, especially when it’s too personal. To sum it up, I hate gossip people and I don’t like people invading my privacy as well.

The Value of Communication

What is a relationship without communication? It’s like a house without a foundation. Communication is the foundation, the building block upon which we can build a successful and loving relationship. The bottom line is that failure to communicate is one of the main reasons why couples break up or why friendship ends. To have a chance of getting through relationship, communication is a must. If you value your relationship/friendship, you must be committed to make it work. Being able to effectively communicate is a skill and as with any skill, it requires practice, time and patience to master it. Communication plays a large role in the exchange between people. It helps exchange information in the form of ideas, wants, desires, feelings, and much more. Incomplete or stopped communication can create a block in the relationship. The degree of the block can vary with the severity or persistence of the communication stop. A relationship will be endangered when communication is avoided.

Remembering My Childhood Buddy/Hobby

My love of horses came at the tender age of 8. I was living in a small bario of Saliducon called Tibaol where my parents raised me. My lolo had a horse and gave me a foal as his Christmas gift for me. I named her Nacky Junior. Sound’s funny though. LOL!Whatever…! OK let’s be serious. Do you  want to know more about horseback riding? Alright, I’ll share you some hints.

  • BALANCED SEAT OR THE CORRECT POSTURE. Still makes all the difference in a safe, comfortable ride for both the horse and the rider. Riders not only learn the correct way to sit upon the horse, they also learn about horsemanship, etiquette and the overall terminology associated with riding a horse properly.When balanced seat riding is mastered, the rider will have exercised every muscle, tendon and ligament, from their head to their toes. Being a correctly balanced seat rider is equivalent to doing a triathlon.
  •  KEEP YOUR HEELS DOWN. Why? Because not only does it make you more secure, but it also stops your foot from being caught in the stirrup should the horse spook. Always ride in complete control. As with cars or bikes, the faster you go the faster things can go wrong.
  • PERSONALITY. Personalities play the main role when I put myself as rider and horse together. An outgoing person will usually be paired with an outgoing horse. The horse has to complete the rider, and the rider has to complete the horse. One is not more important than the other. It’s all about the safety of the pair. Personalities have to match. They need to be a good fit.

Riding for me has always been somewhat of a fantasy. It’s my way of catching dreams while leaving the rest of the world behind. ”It’s magical” Problems just seem to disappear. I miss those simple days of laughter, fun, and joy.  I miss my horse, I miss my childhood! I also miss my Lolo, he taught me everything I needed to know about horses. I owe it all to him.