Day 51 – Something passed down from your parents/grandparents

I got it from my father

It was all he had to give

So it’s mine to use and cherish

For as long as I may live


If I lost the things he gave me

It can always be replaced

But a big mark on my name

Can never be erased


It was clean the day I took it

And a worthy name to bear

When he got it from his father

There was no dishonor there


So I make sure to guard it wisely

After all is said and done

I am glad the name is spotless

And I am proud to be from the ENOK clan.


Day 24 – A picture of your favorite memory


I hate when I’m asked to pick my favorite memory. It’s tough to pick just one. But being with my family is my most favorite memory!

A picture says a thousand words, right?

I simply love them  so much. They are my hidden treasure that I keep locked deep within the storehouse of my soul. They keep my heart warm when I am lonely. They are like a blanket that keeps me warm in a lone cold starry night. When I  look up at the glittery stars and remember those forgotten smile. Then it dawns on me, that the blanket itself has many memories woven into threads. All these threads of small memories suddenly sum up moments of laughter, tears, pride and joy in my life.