Day 1 – A picture of yourself taken on the first day of the challenge

Hi everyone!  I’ve decided to do the 100 Day Photo Challenge today. Yay! Diz iz it! There are many lists of challenge prompt out there, and this is the one I selected.  As I am writing this, I do not know if I can make this challenge, I haven’t even read the entire list, so let’s see what sort of challenge this actually is. Starting today, July 17th, 2012, I’m going to post one picture a day. This gives you a very good excuse to check out my blog every day, *wink!

As you could see I am visualizing and feeling the world, this world is filled with GLORIOUS BEAUTY. Allow yourself to be nourished with the splendor of this world God has given us. Watch the sunrise, gaze at the ripples of water on the lake, river and the sea, Take a look at the beauty of the moon, listen to the songbirds, feel the breath of the breeze, glory the pouring of the rain, feel the magic of the air. Look at your own beauty, Isn’t it lovely? God is truly wonderful!