Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination


‘’Life and time are world’s two teachers. LIFE teaches us to make good use of time, while TIME teaches us the value of life.’’



”To the lamp of love, may it burn brightest in the darkest hours and never flicker in the winds of trial.”



Day 58 – Everything inside your purse/bag


What’s In My Bag?


Well, these are just some of my everyday essentials. I can’t usually go out of the house without these things.

Writer's edge pen, Fisher space pen.

Writer’s edge pen, Fisher space pen.

Address book

Address book

Bible, self-help books

Bible, self-help books

Wallet, Passport

Wallet, Passport

Watch, Eye glasses

Watch, Eye glasses

Hand Sanitizer Wipes

Hand Sanitizer Wipes

Hand Cream, Hair Gloss

Hand Cream , Hair Gloss Shine Serum


Kikay Kit

Handycam (To capture every moment.)

Handycam (To capture every moment.)



So, this is what I carry around every time I go out. The only things missing are the Digital Camera I took this with, my med box ( I put them in the cabinet) and phone (I left it on my coffee table along with my laptop). I also missed the car keys and house keys; I hang them on the wall. Man! Am I carrying some rubbish stuff? Lemme know!  Have a nice day 🙂





My delicate plants stood  strong and defiant in the midst of the winter!

 I dig a  little holes

and plant a tiny  bulbs

Cover it with soil, pull the weeds

and spray the bugs.


Down comes the rain,

and out comes the sun,

Up grows my plant,

Oh! What fun!


In my backyard my tulips grow

Straight and fine in a row.

I love it when it’s mizzly

and just a little drizzly



Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

We too, as the trees, should stand strong amidst change

As through seasons we travel and with others we share

We say, On earth nothing lasts forever,

Circumstances change, people change and things go wrong,

Hold on to your faith and life goes on.



20 lines Sunday Photo special

It is as important to read the Word of God as it is to eat. Without this simple act, each day of our life would be incomplete. A day spent without reading His Word is truly a day wasted. No matter what you are going through or what you are facing, the Bible has a solution for you. The Bible is truly the answer for every need you may have.

Jeremiah  17:9 has taught me that our hearts are deceitful above all things. Self-deception is one of the easiest traps of the enemy that we can fall into. The self always help the self-get whatever it wants. When we have strong desire for something, we can easily deceive ourselves by telling ourselves whatever we want to hear. If my will want a thing, my mind will give me a variety of reasons I should have it and my emotions will certainly produce ample feelings that agree with my will’s wants. That’s what happening to me last few weeks which lead me to illness. I forgot the Word of God. I forgot His promise, but I believe that through this illness God is shaping me into a beautiful vessel, perfectly designed for the great purposes He has for my life.

When we manage our relationship with Christ, the Bible tells us that we become new creations. We become new spiritual clay for the Holy Spirit to work with. So I practice regular times of waiting in God’s presence, asking Him to reveal any impure motives that I might have. Praying against deception, for Satan is the great deceiver. Satan also seeks to lead us astray through reasoning that is contrary to the truth. So I hold my peace and remain at rest. God can easily lead the believer who is not frustrated and anxious. I learned to pray as David in Psalm 51 ‘’ Behold, You desire truth in the inner being; make me therefore to know wisdom in my inmost heart. The more you truly know God’s wisdom in your heart, the less likely you are to be deceived. ” Happy Sunday Everyone and May God Bless Us All.

This is what I am up to today. Studying the Word of God. Digging much deeper into my relationship with God through His Word. How about you? What are you up to?


Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

”Near and Far”

Three happy carefree hearts

Enjoying the lives we created

Becoming best friends with you

Has me truly delighted


Across this great land

No need to search near and far

No longer an acquaintance

You guys are more than sapphire


My pretty girls in California and Japan

Like fence, quickly our friendship was built

Filled with admiration and fun

Enduring forever, no chance to wilt