Nizy’s Life Compendium has been nominated for a ”Very Inspiring Blogger Award” by I was really surprised and honored for the fact that people are finally starting to follow and seem to like and read   my blog even if I just started blogging at WordPress this month. I continue to consider myself  a newbie blogger. This award is for my inspiration, for the person that is living inside my heart. I am humbled that people find my blog interesting enough to nominate me for this Award. Once again THANK YOU to from the bottom of my heart.  I absolutely love her blog too. It is also pretty inspiring – I vastly encourage you to check her out.


#Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post.

#Share 7 things about yourself

#Nominate 7 bloggers you admire

#Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they’ve been nominated.

7  things about me:

  1. I think I am a pretty wise shopper. I love a good deal!
  2. When somebody broke my trust, I can will forgive but I will never trust ’em again.
  3. I have the ability to lift up someone’s spirit and provide encouragement when times are rough.
  4. I am a straightforward and adventurous type of person.
  5. I love to learn, and also love to share what I have learned with others.
  6. I love old people (I can easily get along with them).
  7. I am optimistic and open-minded.

The nominees:


I am passing ”The Inspiring Blogger Award” onto everyone who writes a blog. You all inspire me in so so many ways. I thank you for the companionship and for your friendship.

Amazing Night! Beautiful Award!

First I want to thank Heavenly Father for using me for His glory. I want to thank my co- bloggers, readers, followers- everyone who has been reading my blog, who have, liked, commented every piece of my blog and those who have become like family to me. I am honestly glad and grateful for this award ‘’nutsfortreasure’’ have given me. This is my night! Such an amazing night for me. To follow the rules of this reward, I am going to share seven secret things about Nizy.

1. I am a funny silly Nizy.  I am a very open laid back woman, easy going….I don’t get upset easily…..pretty calm and level headed. I get on well with people I like so long as they like me, if they don’t like me then no problem.

2. I am not averse to having or being part of enlivened debate on any subject you want to name … all races, creeds and color of skin have my respect – after all, we share the planet with everyone else, don’t we?

3. I love the mountains, the beach, the river and the solitude of sometimes spending quiet time alone.

4. I love sports: watching motor racing, basketball and as the mood or the weight takes me

5. I am a basketball player, not that good but I can play.

6. I love to cook- love to experiment in the kitchen. ( I just love to make my own dish)

7.  I love listening to love songs, relaxing music and Christian music– I love to meditate.

Below are the Nominees  for  The Beautiful Blogger Award.
















Now, follow this Simple rules–  7 things about you say thanks to me though you really do not have to  and then pass it out to as many deserving followers  you have that  are Beautiful Bloggers like yourselves. There’s a lot more to list but running out of space. Anyhow,  All of us are a good writers and a good master of our own lives. Enjoy your prize! You guyz deserve to have it.

~I want to wrap up by once again thanking everyone for giving me this beautiful night, this wonderful award. Your caring guidance, your warm camaraderie, your business! Thank you for giving me a glorious memory of a very proud and happy time in my life, a memory I am sure to reflect upon for years to come. I am truly honored to receive your award of excellence. God Bless Us All.

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