Let’s keep our feet on the path of righteousness!

What then? Shall we sin because we are not under law but under grace? By no means!”

-ROMANS 6:15
Romans 6:15 says that knowing we will receive forgiveness does not mean we are free from sin! Grace is not meant to encourage sin. Rather, we are to live in obedience. Since our transgressions are forgiven and we have been justified and saved through faith, should we continue to sin so that God’s grace will be ever more abundant in our lives? Let’s watch out, Let’s not treat it casually because we know that we will be forgiven, Grace is not a free pass to sin and behave however we want. God freely forgives us for our sins, but He will not remove the consequences of our actions when we willfully silence the Holy Spirit admonitions to stay on the narrow path. Our sin has negative repercussions for our health, relationships and ministry. Let’s not be led astray by Satan‘s lies but ask God to guide, strengthen and to help us from committing sin.