Synopsis for Joseph Dibartolo’s first book, ‘A Timely Curse’

(Source:  Joseph Dibartolo‘s blog.)

Synopsis for his first book, ‘A Timely Curse’ 

For William Danver, High School was a breeze, academically that is.  Although he wasn’t popular, at all, his real problem was at home. His father, Gary Danver, was an abusive, sadistic man, who also happened to be the corrupt sheriff in their small town.  Unable to get any help from the authorities, William vowed to protect his mother and little sister by any means necessary. His wish to protect his family came in the form of a mysterious stranger, Alexander, who would change the boy’s life forever.  Was it a curse or a blessing he granted William with?  And did he do this to help the boy protect his family, or did he have his own selfish reasons?

Here is the cover of Joseph Dibartolo‘s first book.


To those fiction book lovers, be sure to grab a copy of this book. It’ll surely be a great book to read. It is available on Ebook this March 2013. And Oh click here for more info and updates regarding this book. That’s all for tonight guys. You have a good one lovies! Love y’all.


”The Cup of Life” by Seeta Rajesh Nawagekar

I encourage you guys to grab a copy of this book. It is written by my very dear friend Seeta Rajesh Nawagekar.  As what I’ve said on my review, Cup of Life provides a wonderfully layered contrast with deep meaning. It is very helpful in your everyday life. Trust me, I say that from the bottom of my heart, this book will surely help you change your life and your way of thinking around all for the better. It will works in subtle, unexpected ways. This book is available now on  Amazon just click the image for further information.



Day 58 – Everything inside your purse/bag


What’s In My Bag?


Well, these are just some of my everyday essentials. I can’t usually go out of the house without these things.

Writer's edge pen, Fisher space pen.

Writer’s edge pen, Fisher space pen.

Address book

Address book

Bible, self-help books

Bible, self-help books

Wallet, Passport

Wallet, Passport

Watch, Eye glasses

Watch, Eye glasses

Hand Sanitizer Wipes

Hand Sanitizer Wipes

Hand Cream, Hair Gloss

Hand Cream , Hair Gloss Shine Serum


Kikay Kit

Handycam (To capture every moment.)

Handycam (To capture every moment.)



So, this is what I carry around every time I go out. The only things missing are the Digital Camera I took this with, my med box ( I put them in the cabinet) and phone (I left it on my coffee table along with my laptop). I also missed the car keys and house keys; I hang them on the wall. Man! Am I carrying some rubbish stuff? Lemme know!  Have a nice day 🙂



Day 55 – What you’re wearing today


Simply Nizy


Hi everyone! This was the outfit I wore today 🙂

#Winter Hat: Warm Rageared Baggy Winter Beanie Knit Crochet Hat $11.79


#Dress: Mossimo Red Dress (gift)

#Boots: Knee high winter boots (gift) 

Quote to remember:

”You can change your clothes. You can change your nickname. You can change your hair color  but you cannot change your destiny.”

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine


Oh yeah this is MINE! I don’t just like it I LOVE IT! Dr. Teal’s gave me an excellent performance. It revitalize my tired achy muscles and refresh skin’s appearance with luxurious essential oil to soothe the senses and provide relief from stress. It soak away my sore muscles, exfoliate my dry skin and relieve sprains and stings. The  lavender in this bath formula helps calm and balance my body and mind. Helps me relax and prepare for a restful sleep while gently cleansing.



Day 47 – A picture of chore you dislike doing the most






I HATE LAUNDRY! I would rather do any other chore in my house, but laundry? It never ends! Even when it’s done it isn’t done.  Doing laundry sucks but I decided a long time ago that I’d rather have clean clothes than not doing them at all. Apparently, another reason why I hate doing laundry is because I hate to fold my clothes. It’s really time consuming.



Deep Green for Fall

Hi everyone! Let’s add color to your nails for this fall season. I went to Wal-Mart yesterday and found this Wet n Wild and NYC minute quick dry. I really like this Nail Polishes because the colors are attractive, the names are catchy and they are quick drying.  I can’t say how long lasting they are because I change my polish far too often every other day.

Here we go…

Paint one stripe of color in the middle of your thumb. Then, paint a stripe on the left, continuing to the right. This subtly focuses the color in the middle of the nail. Remember to keep your hand steady. Don’t worry if it looks too thin — it’s supposed to. Re-dip your brush into the bottle before starting the other nail so that the color is evenly distributed throughout your nails.  If ever you miss a small spot, don’t try to fix it on your first coating as you can cover it while doing the second coating. You may have to wait 10 to 20 minutes  then apply the second coat in the same way as you did the first coat and cover up any small spot that you missed. 

Paint the NYC clear nail polish as a top coat to each nail. This will give a glazing look to your nails. This will also make your nail polish long lastingWhen you’re done, take time for your nails to dry completely before doing anything else. You can watch TV while waiting. Try not to wave your arms or shake your wrists frantically in an attempt to dry your nails. This can tone down the shine in your nails.

And VOILA! You’re done! Until next time guys….


Quote to remember:

“No one is so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm.” –Henry David Thoreau

Day 42 – Something you did today (Shopping)

Hello everyone! I went to CVS Pharmacy and bought these stuff;

*Madre Perla•Fade Cream → to  help reduce the appearance of dark spots.

*Maybelline New York BB 8-in-1 Beauty Balm Skin Protector→ help prevent sunburn.

*Shower Cup→ for my quickie half bath.

*Vanilla Orchid Scented Body Scrub→ to clean and exfoliate skin.

*CoverGirl #335 Lipstick → I just love the color, it’s  purple! that’s why I bought it. ( I’m always on the hunt for a new lipstick to add to my collection ;-). )

Last but not the least! *Sure Grip Rollers with Secure Hold Clip → Tired of curling irons! So I decided to purchase this stuff.

That’s all for tonight guys,  I’m tired like woah… I think I’m going to bed now. #GoodNightEveryone #GodBless #SweetDreams #HaveAGreatWeekend and #ILoveYouAll


Isaiah 26:3 ” Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.”

Day 37 – A picture of your favorite grocery store

Too many list but for the bulk of my shopping, Wal-Mart is one of my favorite because of their prices plus they have everything you want in one place.

But for fashion and cosmetics stuff,  I go to Target.

What about you? Where is your favorite place to shop either online or in-store and why?

Day 32 – Something you collect

I started collecting cosmetics just this year. Whenever I go, I am always looking for cosmetics in some way shape or form. I love makeup – la!  I need it to look  like human! So, here is my collection and how I store it.

Anyhow, I too love collecting BOOKS

I have plenty of  books and haven’t even read all of them. I simply do not have enough time to read when I’ve got all this work to do on my laptop. Well anyway, my dream is to one day have a library in my own little sweet home. Hey! a girl can dream right?