The sign says…

1186925_579369285443252_262139336_nThe world is beautiful. You can see so much in it; the sun illuminates even the darkest corners of the world and will show you how wonderful life is, more than you could ever imagine. Saddest thing is, the site of the deadly poisonous oaks and the deadly venomous snakes wearing a beautiful smile with the most slaughterous tongue, just be fully aware of them. They are everywhere.


Day 46 – A picture of something you’re afraid of


Photo: credit to the owner

I am extremely petrified of snakes. Every time I see one, I squeal and cry. I really don’t like them!  How can I get over with this fear?

Quote to remember:

“If you are bitten by a snake, what’s the best thing to do? Remain calm, separate the poison from the rest of your body, and suck the poison out. Worst thing to do: get upset, chase and kill snake. Same when someone strikes out at you verbally. Remain calm; don’t try to strike back at the other person. Don’t let the poison spread throughout your system.”