Day 38 – Your favorite vacation spot

Photo: Credit to the owner ”New Zealand”

I have not been fortunate to travel a lot of places yet, but it is close to my heart to know that it is a dream of mine to do just that. However, when I was younger I’m always dreaming of going to New Zealand aside from Israel. I think New Zealand has fabulous scenery, lots of wildlife, lots to do outdoors, it is green and lush and it’s a long way from anywhere else. Nonetheless, in this world there are many cool places to visit and I am sure you will have a great time no matter where you go as long as you make the most of it.

Day 22 – A picture of you somewhere warm

This photo was taken on August 3, 2011 at Mayumi Disney Sea Beach Resort in Samal. I am a super-duper huge beach lover. So whenever I felt stressed and lonely I went there to get some fresh air. I went there early in the morning and rented a Chiba-hut. The facilities of the beach resort are excellent, with mini Disney characters. The water is clean and the sand is powdery soft. It is a good place for a weekend or for a romantic get-away, and a nice place to hang out as well. It is the perfect place to go swimming or just to enjoy the beauty of nature.

My life before this was too tiring. I worked Mondays to Saturdays… So being alone sometimes was a great way to wind down, clear the mind and just plain feel good. It makes me feel better, relaxed and refreshed. I love spending my time sitting on the beach. Yes! Spending time alone provides me with a strong sense of self. It allows me to tune in more to who I am, what I enjoy, what my beliefs are or what I want to do in life.

My life will not be complete without me setting foot in Samal Island. If you are a beach lover, you will surely love this place. Why? Because Mayumi Disney Sea Beach Resort is a beach Island Resort that allows travelers to experience tranquility and relaxation. It’s nice when there is no one else around and you can just let yourself “fall in love” with the elements of nature.

How about you? Do you spend time alone? What benefits have you realized as a result?

God’s Exquisite Creation

As I take a trip  through life, I am constantly astound at the great beauty God has created.

From the majestic trees,
                                                              Waxahachie Tx
and  to a single blade of grass.
                                                                  Red Oak,Tx
From the complexity of a flowers, glistening in the morning dew.
                                                                Beautiful White Roses
a delicate rose to the fantastic human body itself.
                                                                    Red Rose

Look to the sky and see the clouds. High and mighty they stand, soft and silently they go by. Always changing, always moving and always beautiful.

Look to the powerful waves of the ocean as they crash heavily onto the shore.
Powerful Waves
Look to the heavens and see the moon and the stars at night.
Pointing my finger to the moon
See the cloud of gas, the sun, the planets. Even though they are so far away, when we see them, how can we help but see their beauty?


Look to your own body.Each one is exceptional and yet they are all the same. How much oeuvre, sculptures and photos do we bestow to this frail form.

                                             beautiful beach in Samal, Davao City Philippines
Thankful to God♀
As I behold the beauty of His creation, I cannot help but to praise Him. I cannot help but bow my head and humbly thank Him, thank Him that He acknowledge me to be part of His great creation. I thank Him everyday for this amazing world He gave us. I love exploring out into nature; feeling the breeze, hiking in it, swimming in it, and just generally enjoying it. God is the ultimate artist and His art is all around us; in the trees, the stars, the clouds, the sunsets, the list is infinite. Thank you once again Heavenly Father!
”The heavens declare his righteousness, and all the people see his glory”  – Psalms 97:6