The Land of Promise and Opportunity

Photo courtesy of: ”Americans Feeding Americans”

When we think about America, the first thing to come to mind is that it is a rich country. It is a great country- you like America because it is a land of opportunity. America gives you many plausibility that you cannot find anywhere else. No one can deny that the USAis the most powerful nation in the world, and the most influential as well. And everybody knows that it is the land of freedom and democracy.The greatness of this country is the result of the efforts of the entire American nation. Many Americans are intelligent, hardworking, and ambitious. What we don’t realize that America is also filled with lots of rapists, murderers, homicide’s, poverty, and discrimination. Lets not forget everybody’s favorite – Racists. I watched the Daystar channel today and saw ministries voluntarily feed hungry people with their mission AMERICANS FEEDING AMERICANS.” This Caravan has helped provide food and essentials to hurting military and American families coast to coast .The economic downturn has affected millions of Americans. It gives me a view that America is not always a bed of roses.
On the contrary, there are loving and caring people with determination to help others. America may have its flaws, but there’s still nowhere else in the world better to live in than the U.S. When it comes to politics, corruption in America is not as widespread as the other countries. So the great thing about this country is that it can be home to anyone because its so diverse and everyone is treated equally and fairly. Most people are very nice and friendly. America does have it’s problems but what country doesn’t? For the six months of living here, America seems to be a beautiful country and the people are very friendly when compared to other parts of the world. Ofcourse, everyone has good and bad in them and no one is perfect.

What’s it like where you live in America? Do you like America? Why or why not?