Will You Be There?

When she’s crying and you see tears running down her face,

Will you be there?

When she’s in her deepest fear,

Will you be there?

When she face her darkest hour,

Will you be there?

Will you help when she’s in trouble?

Will you watch as she weeps?

I have one other question…

When you have your head hanging down,

Will it be her that you seek?

When she’s down and nowhere to run,

Will you be there with open arms?

So please, try not to judge, you have no right to judge!

Saliducon- my home, my paradise!

Saliducon comes from the root word ‘’ saliduk’’ which means “water pipe.”  Thus “saliducon” would literally mean a pipeline, water path or place where water flows through.  Saliducon is rich in natural  resources.  Namely, sallep which  is where the fresh water comes from to supply   thousands of people in some areas of Sta Cruz Davao Del Sur. The Barangay is surrounded by a vast forest and green trees. Unfortunately, some Brgy. officials are active but most are not.

Courtesy of: Brgy. Captain Peter Renon Sombilon

Kudos to  the Brgy. Captain Peter Renon Sumbilon, and the two Brgy. Councilors namely Erwin & Tony Eting and one citizen who fixed  the water system.

Courtesy of Ms. Sonia R. Gido

The waters of Saliducon River are as clear as crystal. It is a living witness of my childhood. During weekends, lolo and lola permitted us to play and plunge into the river we usually call it “Linaw” means deep kind of crystal. Saliducon  river is the body of sallep. There’s a part of the river where we jumped from the top of the boulder down to the running spring.  I guess, it’s 10 or 11 feet above the water. Oh how I miss my childhood, when every enjoyable thing was all wild and free!