Day 55 – What you’re wearing today


Simply Nizy


Hi everyone! This was the outfit I wore today 🙂

#Winter Hat: Warm Rageared Baggy Winter Beanie Knit Crochet Hat $11.79


#Dress: Mossimo Red Dress (gift)

#Boots: Knee high winter boots (gift) 

Quote to remember:

”You can change your clothes. You can change your nickname. You can change your hair color  but you cannot change your destiny.”

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Day 54 – A picture of your hair all done

It may sound crazy but I cut my own hair at home to save money.  Cutting your bangs isn’t as simple as you think, Huh! Thanks to my super kaduper strength and confidence. Lmao! I hope I made it right.  Does it look good? Lemme know….

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Day 26 – A picture of you wearing sunglasses

I am not used to wearing sun glasses because I think I don’t look good at it. But then I do like watching others wearing them. They looked beautiful, classy and fashionable. Oh yeah!  A picture of me wearing sunglasses?  Dang! Ito na…

This pair of sunglasses is my most favorite! I like the look of them, the fit on my face, the size, everything.



I think these are my least favorite, but they looked good to me. I know that’s not the best description but it’s the least I can do. duh! whatever basta sunglasses! LoL

At first when I bought them, I wasn’t sure about the looks, sizes, etc. But as I’ve worn them so often, I’ve grown to like them more than the first impression given to me. Needless to say, I’ve got this pair of sunglasses from Devisoria. Yup! Hindi po ako yong tipo ng tao na mahilig sa mga branded na mga bagay bagay. Syempre, wala naman akong pera pambili dyan noh. May pera nga ako ngunit mangilan ngilan lang .  Not really into name branded stuff  kasi di ko afford.  Basta lang mura at matibay go ako dyan. Depende rin minsan sa gamit na bibilhin ko. Pag yong gamit na gamit talaga na mga bagay  go ako sa medyo mamahalin para di madaling masira. Cheap sunglasses are the way to go. The biggest plus is the ease of mind not worrying about losing a ₱ 35+ pair of sunglasses. Why pay more expensive prices for the same comfort and performance levels? Wapakelz ako pag sa mga ganitong bagay. Be practical ika nga. Pangproteksyon lang naman sa araw at minsan  pang fashion- fashion lang.