Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit



Fly away and set your spirit free!

The horizon stretches

into never ending hues

  mountains and valleys

  and skies so clear       

with wings of change

into the sea of life

unfettered and free

to live your life!



Day 28 – A picture of your dream car

Lamborghini Countach, I think no explanation needed here…

Photo credit to Motorburg

Day 13 –The last thing you bought

3-In-1 Gold’s Gym Jump Rope

•Adjustable 9 Foot Speed Rope
•Adjustable Weighted Handle
• (2) 0.25 lb. Weight Increments per handle

I bought this 3-In-1 Gold’s Gym Speed Jump Rope at Walmart  today for $5.99 only!

(Good price, not bad!)winking .

 With  skipping  rope, you can concentrate working on agility, endurance, coordination, and timing. This combination work out process will definitely help you achieve better results. In addition, it has built-in swivels to ensure fluid wrist movement. I know it is well worth it, because jump rope is also an efficient tool for cardiovascular exercise and one often used by boxers and other athletes to upsurge  endurance.  By engaging all of the major muscle groups in your body, jumping rope can burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour during an intense workout. This can lead to quicker fat loss and a better-looking figure.  It’s perfect for me! Let’s shake up our stale routine and stay fit and healthy by working out with jump rope.

Day 9 – A talent of yours

Nah! When I first read the title of this post, it made me a little uncomfortable, I didn’t want to appear egotistical and I was also struggling to think so something I am talented at. This one is a tough one sick.  In general I don’t feel particularly talented at anything.  A friend of mine often calls herself a “jack of all trades, master of none.”  I kind of feel the same.  I have many hobbies, and many things I enjoy doing, but don’t really feel I’ve mastered any of them. I’m decent at most things I try, but it takes a lot of discipline to really cultivate a talent.

When I was younger winking ,  I remember people telling me I was talented in certain areas, but I can’t come up with ANYTHING.  So, I’ll share with you the things that people compliment me most about. People say that I am pretty talented when it comes to writing songs and poems, I am awesome at making speeches, hahaha ansabeh? AWESOME silly that is really funny.

But I see myself as an understanding person and can easily relate to others, Hmmm teka talent ba yon? hehehe dibale padayon  cheer😉 Hmm…  I’m a realist about things, I don’t expect grand things to happen left and right, I don’t expect life to be anything as it’s portrayed in the entertainment world. This makes all the little good things in life seem like pleasant surprises; I’m constantly being made happy by the simplest of things. I can also play basketball, I was athletic kunuhay back then.  don't tell anyone

I also like to sing. When I was younger, I used to sing in church and won several awards for the singing contest. Oh dabah?  applause Nakadaug ko kunuhay, pakapalan lang ng fez ang puhunan. Hehehe #Makatawa ko really! That experienced made me sick! Hahaha. silly

Yay! yes! Singing!!! P-A-G-K-A-N-T-A!  Siguro yon lang yong talent na alam kong magaling ako ngunit hindi ako kahanay sa mga birit queens sa mundo. 😉

I will always remember what my Mama, Lolo and Lola told me.

Everyone  studying it down.

God don’t like arrogant people.

-Don’t let success think your better than others.

-Remember to go back to your community and give, and teach others they too can set and achieve goals.

-Remember be nice to the people you pass on your way up, because you might need them on your way down.

-Be humble all the time.

– And most importantly give praises to God for what you have.

To end this story,  ” It is ok to accept the praises of people but don’t let your head get too big.  Don’t let your head get too big.”

thumbs up

Hamon Ng Buhay

Noong ako’y bata, bobo’t walang alam;
Buhay ay masalimuot sa tiyan na kumakalam,
Ama’y napariwara, ina ay nagdamdam,
Kaya kinalabasan,pamilyang naparam.

Tatlong magkakapatid, nagkahiwa-hiwalay;
Minsan lang magkita, mga puso’y nalulumbay
Pinilit kumita, sinikap mabuhay,
Tinitiis lupit at hagupit ng buhay.

Ako’y lumaki sa piling ni lolo;
Inang sumasakabilang buhay ang sabi’y ganyan ang buhay ,
Kirot ng damdamin pilit itinatago;
Pamilyang inaasam di man lang nagkatotoo.

Kami’y nakisama sa iba’t-ibang tao;
Ama, inang nawala di ko na tanto,
Dasal ang syang tanging sandigan ko,
Bihirang magkita, sabik na totoo

Di ko na pansin,pagpunit ng dahon
Sa kalendaryo, ito ay naging hamon
Palibhasa ako ay hinog sa panahon,
Ngayon heto ako, nagsisikap umahon.

Sana naibigan tulang nilikha ko;
Ninais ihugis sa inyong mga puso
Anumang pagsubok kaloob sa inyo
Wag na wag po sana kayo ay sumuko.