I just saw this place on TV before. I can’t believe that I would ever set my foot in this place. Bunch of THANKS to my ever dearest so kind friends for taking me out to this place.

Cowboys Stadium was designed by the Dallas architectural firm HKS, Inc. Besides the Cowboys, the new stadium is used by college football teams and other organizations for other sporting and non-sporting events. The Cotton Bowl Classic was moved to the stadium beginning in 2010.

Cowboys Stadium – Interior

Originally estimated to cost $650 million, the stadium’s current construction cost was $1.15 billion, making it one of the most expensive sports venues ever built. To aid Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones in paying the construction costs of the new stadium, Arlington voters approved the increase of the city’s sales tax by 0.5 percent, the hotel occupancy tax by 2 percent, and car rental tax by 5 percent. The City of Arlington provided over $325 million (including interest) in bonds as funding, and Jones covered any cost overruns. Also, the NFL provided the Cowboys with an additional $150 million loan, as per their policy for facilitating financing for the construction of new stadiums.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections


LOVEThe path of the heart is free and full of beauty. 

Follow your heart because your heart will know the love that is meant for you.

And If a day goes by without me saying I love you – never let a moment go by without knowing that I do.

Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get, it’s what you are expected to give – which is everything.

My love shines like a sun, sometimes visible and sometimes invisible but it is always HERE.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Wrong

Pregnant Smoker

Quit Smoking Mom”

Quit smoking mom, it can cause you  to serious health problems

including cancer, heart disease, and stroke and gum disease.

Quit smoking mom, it can  cause an eye diseases that can lead us to blindness

Quit smoking mom, it is harmful to you, and  it is also harmful to me

Quit smoking mom, I don’t want to born prematurely

and at low birth weight , including lifelong disabilities.

Quit smoking mom because I can’t breathe!

Quit smoking mom, it’s not easy, but you can do it.

Quit smoking mom, If you love me you will quit !