Weekly Photo Challenge – Wrong

Pregnant Smoker

Quit Smoking Mom”

Quit smoking mom, it can cause you  to serious health problems

including cancer, heart disease, and stroke and gum disease.

Quit smoking mom, it can  cause an eye diseases that can lead us to blindness

Quit smoking mom, it is harmful to you, and  it is also harmful to me

Quit smoking mom, I don’t want to born prematurely

and at low birth weight , including lifelong disabilities.

Quit smoking mom because I can’t breathe!

Quit smoking mom, it’s not easy, but you can do it.

Quit smoking mom, If you love me you will quit !


Day 23 – Your favorite anime genre

I’m not really picky on what to watch because there are so many good anime of different genres, but I love FANTASY the most. Because fantasy allows us to create images and to explore alternatives, and very often through these we can express emotional realities more accurately than through reality itself. It allows us to escape our reality for a bit.

Video: Credit to the owner